Bragging Rights: Small Towns, Big Boasts

Prairie Chicken
Capital of the World

Cassoday, Kansas, takes full advantage of its title.
The Only Oblong

It's pretty safe to assume that this Illinois town is the only populated place in America named Oblong.
of the Midwest

Clay City, Indiana, sounds like my kind of town!
Pheasant Capital
of Texas

Stratford, Texas is a popular place during pheasant-hunting season.
Biggest Little City
in Iowa

Melvin, Iowa's slogan is difficult to dispute!
Cow Chip Capital of Kansas

Russell Springs, Kansas, is proud of this distinction.
Mallard Capital of the World

Hanover, Illinois, is known for raising and exporting mallard ducks.
Midway USA

Kinsley, Kansas, bills itself as exactly midway between New York and San Francisco.
Bentonite Capital of the World

Colony, Wyoming, is known for its deposits of bentonites -- clays composed of fine particles usually derived from volcanic ash. They have a wide range of uses, from bonding metals to medicinal purposes.
Only town in the world so named...

This sign at Guildhall, Vermont, claims that the town is the only one on the planet with that name.
USA's Producer
of Farm-Raised Clams

Don't know if any other town shares the "clams" claim to fame, but this Gulf Coast town of Cedar Key, Florida, is also a quaint, laid-back place for a weekend getaway.
Home of the Dots

The school sports teams in Poca, West Virginia, call themselves The Dots. OK, so the customary spelling of the phrase is "Polka Dot." But you gotta admire this town's sense of humor.
Home of Cowboys
-- and Italians

For many years, the town of McAlester, Oklahoma, has had an Italian Festival to celebrate the generations of immigrants who live there.
One of a Kind

Promise City, Iowa, says it is one of a kind. It probably is.
Silver Capital of the World

The historic town of Wallace, Idaho has produced 1.2 billion ounces of silver in Shoshone county since 1884.
Center of the Universe

Probably the best boast of all: Every self-respecting town thinks it's the Center of the Universe, but Wallace, Idaho made it official.